Pre- K Martial Arts instructor challenges his students to show compassion when going back to school this year

Mr. Anderson challenges his students to be brave and show compassion to those who don't fit in.

School was about to start for many of my Lil Dragons. For some it would be their first day of kindergarten or first grade.

Learning about life skills with Mr. Anderson is fun
Learnig Life Skills through role play and discussion

With a few minutes remaining in class, I ended with a “mat chat.” We all sat down and I told them a story of a boy their age who was kind of different. He looked quite odd with his bright red hair. He had large freckles on his face, even larger than his big crooked teeth. He dressed funny and smelled funny too. I think he wet the bed. He never did his homework and all the other kids made fun of him. He always sat alone at lunch and was never asked to join in any games at recess.


“Don’t you feel sorry for this little boy?” I asked. All my kids agreed. Have you ever felt lonely and scared on your first day of school? Many little hands went up in the air, so I explained, “When you feel sorry for someone that’s compassion!”

I told them that “when you hear a little voice in your head that makes you feel sorry for someone, that’s God’s voice telling you, you need to do something about it.” 
It takes a very brave boy or girl to walk over and make friends with the weird little kid who has no friends.


This little boy was lonely and didn’t fit in. Don’t you think it would have been so awesome if just one child would have shown him some compassion and asked him to play kickball or sat with him at lunch and got to know him?


I asked, “do you want to know a secret?” I began to get a little chocked up as I told them “that little boy was me.”

When I was all alone and scared It would have been so great if I had friends like you.


Then I held up a little gold star patch and said “Lil Dragons, who’s ready for a challenge?” They unanimously responded “bring it on Sir” just like they have been trained to do. (I love it.) So I issued my challenge. “This week when you go back to school, I challenge you to be brave and show compassion to some little boy or girl who doesn’t fit in. Listen to God’s voice and go say hi, introduce yourself, ask him what his name is then ask him if he would like to be friends. It’s that simple. I will give a star patch to anyone who is brave enough to take this challenge and show compassion.”


Many people think kids this age don’t get it, but I have found that these 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds are always eager to step up. I have no doubt that these tiny people with large character will rise to the challenge and impact the life of some boy or girl this fall.


You Rock Lil Dragons. Go out and change the world