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Healthy friendships grow a flourish here

This Free introductory lesson is designed  to get your child comfortable with their new teacher and their new surroundings (the training floor). This first impression is a big deal for your little person and we are specialists in making this happen even if your child struggles with separation anxiety.


The "Mini Course" consists of: 

One Lil’ Private Lesson:

We start off by having some one on one fun while learning some basics to help your child fit in and feel comfortable when they join in their first  karate class.


Followed by: 

One 30 Minute Group Lesson:

Their first class with actual Lil Dragons!  These Lil guys and girls really know how to make a new kid feel welcome. As ambassadors of fun My Lil Dragons are always eager to help out and would love to be you child's buddy for his or her first lesson.


While your here watching your child's first of many Martial Arts adventures, please feel free to ask questions to the other parents. They love to share why they love it here.


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