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Special Offers, Events and Announcements for American Hapkido's Children's Martial Arts in Moorpark

New Arrivals

Open Mat on a different day

Open Mat (the inside story)

At open mat the instructors and I work with each student in a one on one setting. This is not a structured martial arts class. Students come and go during a three hour window and demonstrate their skill sets to earn tips toward their next belt. For kids who need a Lil more practice it becomes a short private lesson and they receive stickers for their efforts. The tips on their belt mark their progress. However the amount of stickers in their Personal Success Journal marks their perseverance. 

Each one of those stickers represents a small setback or defeat and more so, a non-quitting spirit as they return to try again the following week.


Game Day - last fling before Christmas break

Come and join the fun before we take a LIl Christmas break.


  • Fun & Games
  • Friends & siblings welcome
  • Free passes for friends of Lil Dragons

Christmas/New Years Schedule

Thank you to all our customers who have supported American Hapkido's Lil Dragons. And thank you for the confidence and trust you place in us while shaping your child's character. Your kids are truly an amazing gift.

Parent's Shopping Night Out

Martial arts for toddlers

Grab your coats and check your kids at the door. Then make like Secret Santa and slip out to do that sneaky Christmas shopping while we watch the kids for you.


Or…. You could make like The Grinch and go out for a bite to some place other than a family restaurant. (you remember those don't you.)


Students, Siblings and friends are invited age 3 and up.

  • Date: December 15
  • Time: 5 to 9 PM
  • Cost: $30
  • Tots: must be potty-trained and independent enough to be without Mommy for a few hours.

Feeding The Homeless in November

martial arts school supporting the community
Your gift cards always put a smile on someone's face.


Great Job Folks & thank you,

You raised over $140 last month.


Mrs Anderson and I hand delivered  your $10 gift cards to the homeless in Simi and San Fernando Valley Thanksgiving day. You made many people very happy.

Recent Belt Promotions

This Week at Lil Dragons

Learn martial arts
If your Lil Dragon is struggling with a particular skill set, please take advantage of the specific class that will meet his or her needs.

Lil Dragons Schedule for the month of..........


Sat Dec 1 – Lil Dragon Belt Promotions, 12 NOON SHARP!

All Regular Classes Cancelled


Sat Dec 15 – Parents Shopping Night Out

5 pm to 9 pm 


Thurs Dec 20 – OPEN MAT

All Regular Classes Cancelled


Fri Dec 21 – GAME DAY

All Regular Classes Cancelled


Sat Dec 22 through Sun Jan 6 – Christmas/New Year's BREAK

School Closed reopens Mon Jan 7