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Dragon Egg Hunts

The week before Lil Dragon belt promotions, we step back from our usual children's martial arts curriculum to focus more on fun and the students who are ready to promote at the upcoming belt promotion this Saturday, September 28th.


At a dragon Egg Hunt we hide the student’s skill sets inside brightly colored eggs around an obstacle course, send the kids out to find them, and then perform the tasks inside.

All classes without an egg hunt will be skills review and games

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If your Lil Dragon struggles with a particular skill set please take advantage of these classes

Lil Dragons Schedule for the month of..... Nov - Dec


Wednesday Nov 27th - Open Mat - 3 to 6pm 


Thurs and Fri Nov 27th & 28th - Thanksgiving break

School Closed


Tuesday Dec 3rd - Intermediate Dragon Egg Hunt - 4 and 6pm


Wednesday Dec 4th - Advanced Dragon Egg Hunt - 4 and 5:30pm


Thursday Dec 5th - Beginner Dragon Egg Hunt - 4 and 5:30pm


Saturday Dec 7th - Lil Dragon Belt Promotions - 12pm SHARP