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Cruz's Act of Kindness (age 7)

One day, Cruz was at school eating his favorite (peanut butter) sandwich for lunch. His best friend was sitting across from him when a bit of peanut butter flew out of his mouth and landed in his friend’s eye. Unfortunately, his friend has peanut allergies….That day, Cruz asked his Mom to never again pack his school lunch with PB&J to protect his friend.

Now that’s a peanut butter & sacrifice sandwich. Good Job Cruz!


Part of the "Lil Dragon Black Belt Process" is to complete 10 acts of kindness to make sure the student understands what it means to have a heart of service. 

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David’s Act of Kindness (age 5)

David met a poor family who barley had enough food to eat. He noticed the little boy’s shoes were ripped. The little boy was about David’s age. All that day David couldn't stop thinking about this poor boy and his shoes. 
As soon as he got home, David picked a pair of his shoes from his closet and delivered them to the boy.

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Masons’s Act of Courage (age 7)

Mason and Madison did not get along at school. One day he mistreated her and lost the privilege of wearing his Lil Dragons uniform in class for two weeks. In order to make amends he was challenged to do something nice for Madison every day for those two weeks. During that time they became friends.

Two months later, she was being bullied by 3 boys on the playground. Though he was out numbered, Mason rushed to her side and began to talk to the boys. Choosing to use his words instead of his fists, he simply told them they were not being nice and Santa Claus would not bring them any presents for Christmas. They immediately turned and walked away.

His statement was hilarious. However, it wasn't what he said, but what he did. Being brave and doing what's right even when it's hard is difficult sometimes, even for grownups.

This is the Martial Way.