Our daughter has joined American Hapkido’s Little Dragons program and it has been life changing! Not only does she LOVE going, she’s learned so much, so quickly! She’s absolutely thriving and asks all day long if it’s time to go to Hapkido School. In such a short time she’s listening so much better at home than she was before. She stands in line politely, asks if it’s her turn, no more interrupting or trying to take things without asking.


We tried dance, swimming, sports, music and movement, you name it we tried it, some things she liked, some she hated, but these classes she absolutely loves!  Mr. Anderson connects with my daughter like no one else I’ve ever seen. He’s incredible!


Alycia & Patrick Williams

I’ve been taking my daughter Zaina here for over a year now and We absolutely love it. Such a beautiful & friendly atmosphere. Mr. Anderson is the Best, he’s so great with the kids and Zaina has learned a lot and grown & matured so much from taking these classes. This is the Best Karate Place ever and she gets so excited to go every time. We couldn’t be happier and looking forward to her getting her Black Belt in the near future.


Sophia Abdelsayed 

(full time mom)

autistic Karate Kid  success story
The Austin Family, Moorpark

American Hapkido’s Lil Dragons has been one of the most enriching activities we have involved our kids in. Our son has Autism and Mr. Anderson works above and beyond to understand him, work with him, and treat him with utter respect and dignity just as he would anyone else. Karate has helped him no longer need physical therapy and occupational therapy services. My niece and other son have started private lessons too and we all just adore it. It has impacted our lives in such a positive way and is a highlight of our week. 


little dragon martial art
Lowell and Kathy Roberts - Grandparents Simi Valley

When our grandson first started with Lil Dragons,  he would not participate. He was very introverted and would not socialize with anyone, even at family gatherings. Mr. Anderson would take him out on the mat and make him watch up close to the action. Thanks to Mr. Anderson’s endless patience, he finally got him to join in. He now enjoys karate and looks forward to going.

He is a different boy with lots of self-confidence. Mr. Anderson has helped our grandson see and enjoy an entirely, new and exciting world.


Our granddaughter has also flourished. Her confidence is wonderful. She just graduated to her brown belt and her drive to continue to her black belt is exciting.  

Best Children's martial arts Moorpark
Rafael & Suzette Quinonez (Medical Professionals, Moorpark)

The Lil Dragon program has been extremely positive and influential in my son’s social and physical development. He started the program when he was three years old, at a time when he was very introverted, shy and only spoke Spanish. He is now five years old, and one belt shy of his black belt. 


What I love about this program is how it has helped him flourish in key areas of his development. Mr. Anderson has not only taught him karate, but most importantly he has helped my son overcome his fears, speak up for himself, be disciplined, and learn the value of hard work and perseverance.

He is now extroverted, social, confident and, disciplined. These qualities that have made him flourish in every endeavor he sets his mind to.


I think this program is more than just martial arts, it teaches young people life skills to succeed. In our case, it has been one of the best choices we've made." 


super martial arts classes
Peter Rivezzo (teacher) & Katie Rivezzo (counselor), Moorpark

Our biggest fear was that our son would grow tired or bored quickly. The opposite happened…he became increasingly motivated, which has had a direct impact on other areas of life in which he is maturing.


Our favorite part is the control, although gentle and loving, the instructors have in their sessions. It is great to see the children learn to respect and obey authority figures, other than their parents.  Character is built into each student.

This place is family!!! We love that the skills (even the difficult ones) are taught with love and fun. Each child seems bonded to their instructor and the manners and respect cultivated among the students at a peer level, is the direct fruit of a well-run program.